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    Check out Rema Kumara��s latest collection of saris.

    She likes to be called the lady who weaves elegance and charm. Over the past 20 years, New Delhi-based designer Rfashionanchor5ema Kumar has been creating magic with looms from different parts of the country, working closely with artisans responsible for restoring the richness of Indian textiles.
    This February, she brings her creations to Bengaluru, where she will showcase a variety of saris such as Maheshwaris with her favourite, geometric pattern pallus and in fresh colours such as oranges, bright yellows and greens a�� designs that are perfect for a Sunday brunch, boardroom meeting or even a coffee morning. a�?My forte is to play with colours, stripes and geometrical designs. Ita��s like giving an artist a blank canvas, and the loom is like a canvas to me,a�? she describes. Her prA?t collection will also include tussars from Chhattisgarh. Woven in Champa, the renowned tussar belt of Chhattisgarh, these soft silks come in different textures and blends with dupion and linen.
    Kumar is also introducing her line of Uttara saris from Uttarakhand in bright, natural colours. a�?These are pure cotton saris but look different because of the weave,a�? she adds. Therea��s also a range of Chanderi saris that feature the patti ka kaam a�� a delightful showcase of fusion with the weaving done in Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, and the detailing in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. a�?These are mostly in candy colours,a�? she adds. And those who dona��t wear saris much, there is a range of dupattas and stoles in batik from Bhuj, and in silk too.

    Rs. 3,500 onwards. February 10-13. At Ambara, Ulsoor. Details: 25575196
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