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    Reduce the A�anxious a�?Where are you?a�� calls with this new tool

    Joining the ranks of US-based tracking tools Glympse and Life360 in your Play Store is ReachingSoon. The free Android app, launched by Bengaluru-based sibling duo Niranjan and Gaurang Kanvinde, lets you track the location of family, friends, or acquaintances in real time. Ita��s a two-way process, and thata��s one of its three unique selling points. The second being the fact that you can see their Expected Time of Arrival (ETA). Third, it works even if either one of the two parties (sender and receiver) have it downloaded on their phone. Of course, it goes without saying that both phones need to have their GPS and data connections switched on.
    Niranjan tells us how to use it, a�?For instance, you are heading home, and want to keep your brother informed about your whereabouts. Through the app, send your location to him either on WhatsApp, SMS, or email in case he hasna��t downloaded our app, and set your destination. On the lines of cab-sharing apps like Uber or Ola, your brother can track your movements, and ETA, and in case he is also heading home, you can see the same details about him.a�? In the coming months, the duo wants to roll out an iOS version, a panic button, and pre-defined contact lists in case of an emergency.
    The number of downloads (400-plus since their April-end launch) are on the lower side, but he explains, a�?So far, our focus has been college students, who sometimes see a tracker as an intrusion into their privacy. We understand. But being the parent of a nine-year-old girl, I think ita��s good to be cautious.a�?

    Details: reachingsoon.com

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