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    Niranjan Iyengar’s talk show returns with a host of new celebrities

    The format of Look Who’s Talking might be the same, but host Niranjan Iyengar has changed plenty. Or so the screenwriter and lyricist tells us. “Last season was the first time in front of the camera for me. I didn’t realise how hard it was to be on screen. But now that I am comfortable, this time you will see me more at ease,” Iyengar begins, adding that this season, there will be stars he’s not met before or those he’s not very familiar with. “Last year, my guests were almost all friends. This time, there are actors whom I know of, but have met socially once or never at all,” he tells us, hinting that we can expect to see Varun Dhawan start the season, with Fawad Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Tiger Shroff also headed to the couch.
    Picking Dhawan’s episode as his most interesting one because he wanted ‘to see how much he’d grown’, Iyengar also reveals that the Shroff session will be good as the last time they met was when Junior Shroff was just over a year old! “The Fawad Khan episode is also compelling because the first time I met him, was when he sat on my couch!”
    “It’s interesting because I don’t know all of them personally; I am coming from a curious space with genuine interest,” shares Iyengar, elaborating that the first five minutes of the interviews are usually spent gauging each other. “Then they realise that I have no agenda, and it turns into a freewheeling chat about themselves. Yes, we do get into the personal details, but I don’t corner them, “says the host, crediting his history in the industry for the fact that the stars open up to him. “They don’t see me as a threat but as one of them. So they very quickly realise from my tone that it’s genuine curiosity. Mahesh Bhatt once told me, when you ask a question from a genuine space of curiosity to know more and not prove a point, the interview will go well,” he tells us, and it hasn’t failed him thus far.
    Begins August 23, 9 pm on Zee Cafe
    — Aakanksha Devi


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