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    A-listers ditch tours and sets for a slice of paradise at the sea or on the slopes

    With luxurious hotels, gourmet food,
    gorgeous weather or a veil of anonymity, celebs beat the working blues and head to exotic destinations for luxurious getaways. We track their summer holidays, from Miami to St Tropez.
    By Aakanksha Devi

    Down under1004Hollywood1b
    For a dose of winter in the peak ofA� summer, Hugh Jackman heads homewardA� to Sydney, and more specifically the Bondi Beach in the Southern Hemisphere. From fabulous waves to catch the surf, which Jackman loves, or sail under the Harbour Bridge, the beach also attracts adventure buffs like Leonardo Di Caprio and Gerard Butler. Apparently, Jackman uses the shores to relax and cool down after a workout,A� hitting the waters post a gym routine.

    Yacht yoga
    As quirky as her music is, clearlyA� Lady Gagaa��s choice of location to unwind is too. For the spunky singer, The Balearic Islands, an archipelago off Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea is the ideal choice. Showing off her yoga skills atop a luxury yacht first, then putting all other yoga posers to shame by standing on her head on a surf board, this singer is really taking her vacation seriously. If you want to follow her foot steps this summer, make sure you stop off at the cultural buzz of Istanbul in Turkey too.

    Hit the slopes
    If it is style and class you are looking for, youA� can always count on George Clooney. And while the Beckhams,A� royals like Prince William and King Mohammad of Morocco canA� all be found here come May, Clooney is by far the biggest star toA� holiday here. With three magnificent, interlocking mountains, it is now the largest ski area in the world, and Clooney is sure to bring his new wife to the town for the first time this year. His Lake Como mansion in Italy also brings him to Italy, and you can follow him there. But beware, as of last week, you could be finedA� $550 for lurking around his property!1004Hollywood3a

    Miami heat
    Happy to be soaking in some sun, a far cry from the dreary weather in England, the David Beckham clan will live it up in Miami. Gritty yet glamorous, apparently the reason Beckham is spending time here is to set up new footy stadiums. And while he flaunts his abs on the beach, fellow English folk Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter alsoA� stroll the streets of this party city. They also pick Miami for the anonymity it affords them. No wonder Pitbull and Will Smith cana��t stop singing about it!

    World tour
    After celebrating Jay-Za��s birthdayA� in Iceland, the Carter-Knowlesa�� most recent trip has been to Southeast Asia in Cambodia. Leaving no stone unturned in exploring the tropical country, they soaked in the Hindu and Buddhist culture of the Angkor town, stopping by at the famous Angkor Wat for a parents-only holiday. In May, they will make their customary trip to the Caribbean Isle, St Barthelemy, before heading off to Cannes for the festival.


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