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    Give your smartphone a workout at the stock exchange-themed resto-bar in T NagarSPS_3991

    THE recently-opened bar, The Vault, on Venkatanarayana Road borrows its attention-grabbing concept from the popular The Bar Stock Exchange chain in Mumbai (not to mention some foreign iterations). It borrows its app too, which guests can download and use to track the rise and fall of the prices of their favourite beverages. The concept is simple a�� the more the demand for a drink, say, 30ml of Smirnoff, at a point in time, the higher the price. When demand falls, so does the price. You can track prices on the app and get spectacularly wasted in the process. Dona��t though, for two very good reasons. First, the food is fantastic. A fairly sophisticated menu planned by chef Syed featuring delights like Spicy Baked Pork (Rs 370) and Veg Chilli Pot (Rs 290) for mains and the hugely addictive Kung Pao Masala Potato (Rs 190) and Quesadilla (Rs 290) for starters. I mean, they serve real fish that isna��t basa. Second, the prices dona��t include taxes, so if you tend to get trigger-happy when tipsy, you might want to hand your phone over to a responsible adult lest you break the bank.
    The bar focusses on classic cocktails and features Grey Goose, Jim Beam, Laproaig, Bombay Sapphire, among others. The pleasant surprise is that the bar nails the classics a�� our mojito, for instance, is not a diabetica��s nightmare and even has lemon zest for some edge. Prices range from Rs 209 to Rs 350 over the afternoon a�� you know, obeying the market forces of demand and supply.

    At T Nagar. Details: 42630003

    a�� Ranjitha Gunasekaran


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