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    Meera Nair

    For 23-year-old Meera Nair, design is something she was a�?creatively driven bya�� ever since she could think for herself. Having only graduated from NIFT, Hyderabad a little over a year ago, Nair got down to business almost immediately and has been working on her label Prana since. She tested the waters with an exhibition at Raintree. a�?I put together a team of six people. We began researching, designing, sourcing fabrics and making womena��s Indo-Western tops. We worked for a year, made mistakes and learned the hard way. We held one showcase and received very positive feedback, with guests loving our finishes, styles, patterns and even fabrics,a�? she reveals.


    Mix na�� match

    Her newly launched store, Prana by Meera Nair already has a substantial list of regulars. Nair marries Western sensibilities with Indian aesthetics to bridge the gap between casual and the strictly traditional. a�?The market is saturated with Western clothing and Indian traditional wear. Therea��s a real need for something that falls in between with not enough stylised Indian casuals,a�? Nair explains. a�?Our country hasA�some brilliant textiles to offer. So much can be done with them. Thata��s my fortea��juxtaposing Indian textiles with Western silhouettes. We use unconventional cuts and patterns that are edgy yet very wearable,a�? she adds.

    Quirk factor
    Located at Promenade Road, Prana stocks an array of tops, kurtas, dresses and jackets in a mix of vibrant reds, pinks and greens, as well as neutrals. Earthy hues like camel, beige and off-white, which are her colours of choice, also weave their way onto the diverse palette.
    Naira��s latest collection, entitled Desi Grunge, is inspired by the colourful Indian street style and presents a carefree, mildly whimsical and bohemian look, with a keen attention to comfort. We love that the line is marked by a lot of gathers, patchwork and ombre complemented with block prints and kalamkari for an Indian edge.

    Rs.A�1,500 upwards. At Promenade Road. Details: 7204093018

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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