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    Radio presenting opens up many avenues. We’ve seen RJs become actors, theatre personalities, dubbing artistes and so on. However, there is one category that all presenters should try out—corporate training. It’s a perfect match for a radio host who wants to explore other possibilities. I caught up with the founder of Zeal and the czar of corporate training, Dr Rajan Muthukrishnan, to find out more.

    Will a radio presenter make a good corporate trainer?
    Yes, an RJ can be a great corporate trainer. There are two aspects to look at—your qualification is your belief and the skill set required is your ability to stand up and speak in front of a group of people and make an impact. RJs are people that connect to a large audience, so they have the skill set, they can catch and retain attention, and reach out to the audience.

    Let me flip it. In your opinion, can a seasoned corporate trainer be an RJ?
    Why not? They definitely can. The good news is that in the field of training, a lot of young people are doing well. This wasn’t the case 20 years back, when trainers were either retirees or senior people. But today it is different—young people are joining in and that is great.

    Is the job of a trainer flexible, allowing one to explore other avenues?
    Absolutely yes. Corporate training is not a full-time job and the timings are flexible. It will complement the job of an RJ and can co-exist.

    What are the advantages an RJ would have as a corporate trainer?
    Being an RJ would help him break the ice. Both are a peoples’ industry and if he/she is into both, it will definitely help. An RJ not only entertains, but also adds value for the listener; these two virtues are somewhat similar for corporate training as well. Also both the industries are remunerated well and also provide self improvement in many ways. You can become a people’s person and a better RJ once you become a trainer and vice versa.
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