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    Radio presenting opens up many avenues. Wea��ve seen RJs become actors, theatre personalities, dubbing artistes and so on. However, there is one category that all presenters should try outa��corporate training. Ita��s a perfect match for a radio host who wants to explore other possibilities. I caught up with the founder of Zeal and the czar of corporate training, Dr Rajan Muthukrishnan, to find out more.

    Will a radio presenter make a good corporate trainer?
    Yes, an RJ can be a great corporate trainer. There are two aspects to look ata��your qualification is your belief and the skill set required is your ability to stand up and speak in front of a group of people and make an impact. RJs are people that connect to a large audience, so they have the skill set, they can catch and retain attention, and reach out to the audience.

    Let me flip it. In your opinion, can a seasoned corporate trainer be an RJ?
    Why not? They definitely can. The good news is that in the field of training, a lot of young people are doing well. This wasna��t the case 20 years back, when trainers were either retirees or senior people. But today it is differenta��young people are joining in and that is great.

    Is the job of a trainer flexible, allowing one to explore other avenues?
    Absolutely yes. Corporate training is not a full-time job and the timings are flexible. It will complement the job of an RJ and can co-exist.

    What are the advantages an RJ would have as a corporate trainer?
    Being an RJ would help him break the ice. Both are a peoplesa�� industry and if he/she is into both, it will definitely help. An RJ not only entertains, but also adds value for the listener; these two virtues are somewhat similar for corporate training as well. Also both the industries are remunerated well and also provide self improvement in many ways. You can become a peoplea��s person and a better RJ once you become a trainer and vice versa.
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