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    Our pick of the latest freestyle equipment to buy to give your workout the home advantage

    With wedding parties and the festivities right around the cornera��no time for gym is no excuse for the flab. Get bodilicious with our pick of quirky and effective freestyle exercise equipment that will make getting into shape fun. a�?Working out using your own body weight is the best form of exercise. At home, you can use anything from water bottles to ropes. But the market also has many gadgets to help youa��like kranking machines, medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands,a�? explains Dhananjai G of Evolve Fitness Studio, advising that beginners must start out with a trainer lest they injure themselves. On that note, herea��s looking at some of the trending products you can incorporate into your daily routine.
    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


    It looks quite unassuming: a fat pipe with gaps in between. But the ViPR (vitality, performance and reconditioning) is key to a new fitness regime, called Loaded Movement Training, which includes movement and resistance. Created by Michol Dalcourt, an ice-hockey coach turned innovator, it was inspired by watching farmers at work. The idea is simplea��combining full-body movement with load. Dalcourt said, a�?Moving with external load creates strong bodies that can function with optimum effectiveness.a�? But its biggest advantage: use it any way you wanta��lift it in the air, swing it beside you, twist, turn and more. `13,050 onwards. Details: liveyoursport.com

    2. Gyroboard
    Touted as an all-in-one sports board, it is great to improve your core strength, balance and coordination. Perched on a large spring, the board simulates the movements of sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, and users can adjust both the tilt angles and spin according to their needs (it spins 360 degrees and tilts front to back and side-to-side). Great for general fitness and injury rehabilitation. `24,640.
    Details: ebay.com

    3.Hand Paddle
    This one is for swimmers. Designed for freestyle training, paddles are great for increasing resistance during your pulla��since it makes your hand larger, ita��s tougher to pull it effectively through water. They also help improve reach and distance per stroke. The paddlea��s fin shape promotes a strong pull through, better hip-rotation and increased efficiency, while its narrow design prevents shoulder strain. `1,490. Details: amazon.in

    This one could look silly at the gym, but at home you can a�?flapa�� it all you like. The Bodyblade is a flexible blade with a handgrip in the middle that oscillates up and down, creating resistance and working your muscles as your body counteracts the vibrations. Targeting your core, it gives you a total body workout without heavy weights. Ita��s also great for shoulder rehabilitation. `14,136. Details: bodypixels.com

    5.Xbox Fitness
    Gamifiying fitness, this one brings workout videos of celeb trainers like Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson to life by using the Kinect HD infra-red camera. It helps you experience it by putting your silhouette next to the instructora��s, and it also incentivises you to try harder by giving you challenges and prizes. Meanwhile, its sensors will also evaluate your form, pace and track your heart ratea��through its Muscle Mapping, Power Gauge and Pulse featuresa��to help you optimise your workout. `21,990 onwards.
    Details: amazon.in

    6.TRX Rip Training
    While resistance bands are still very much in vogue, the TRX Rip Trainer is fast becoming a go-to piece of equipment for a full body workout. It helps you build core strength with rotational movements, and its lever bar helps you modify it to incorporate ever more inventive ways to improve control, strength, mobility and balance. Experiment with the elastic resistance to try out high-speed, low-load rotational movement training or vice versa. `11,736. Details: 42153514

    7.Nike Lunar TR1
    One of the lightest shoes among Nikea��s offerings, the Nike Lunar TR1 was born from the need for a good cross-training shoe that would fit multi-sport activities. Comprising of a re-engineered Lunarlon midsole (for extremely soft cushioning) and a pressure-mapped high-traction outsole, it is great for any kind of training you might want to take up. `8,995. Details: 080 41464087

    8.Smart yoga mat
    Introducing the SmartMat, a responsive yoga mat that comes with built-in sensor technology to help you perfect your poses. According to its creators, when you link the mat with a smartphone or tablet (through their SmartMat app), its embedded micro-sensors will record your poses and then correct it (visually or by audio) so you can make adjustments. It also provides an interactive heat map so you can see your movements on the screen. `27,605.
    Details: indiegogo.com



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