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    Rocaltrol how much Su Real on his new album and the changing music scene of India

    A host of new kids on the block in the music circuit have emerged from the underground clubs and parties in Delhi. Su Real is one such sensation who personifies desi EDM and hip-hop. In the city to promote his new album, Twerkistan, he chats about his inspirations and upcoming trends in the industry.

    Tell us about the album.
    My first album, Trapistan, introduced the then-nascent ai???trapai??? music style to Indian audiences. I added a heavy dose of Indian instruments and melodies. So this album, Twerkistan, is the next step of the saga. Twerking as a dance-form has spread from its roots in dancehall and hip-hop to being omnipresent in pop culture. So with Twerkistan, I fused the sounds of traditional Indian instruments and familiar Eastern-tinged melodies with modern dance nano-genres like twerk, moombahton, soca, kuduro, hybrid trap and others.

    Who are the artistes you admire in your genre?
    Nucleya is a genuine phenomenon; Koocha Monster and Bass Rani are what cultural historians would call seminal albums of our times. There are a few other homegrown artistes pushing this desi bass sound, especially my mates Mojojojo and Ritviz.

    Your take on the current Indian music scene.
    There has never been a better time for music, and independent music in India. First of all, the tools are readily available. Back in the ai??i??80s, it was a challenge to buy a decent guitar! Now, for about `10,000-20,000 plus access to any old computer, any kid can start producing electronic music. Secondly, we are actually starting to have a bonafide music industry with venues, festivals, managers, booking agents, sponsors, etc.
    `500. Tomorrow. 9 pm. At the Humming Tree, Indiranagar. Details: 9886618386

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