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This newly opened desi-style restaurant brings food from different regions across the GT Road

Grand Trunk Road, wrote poet Rudyard Kipling in one of his works as: a�?such a river of life as nowhere else exists in the world,a�? and hiswords are relevant even today when it comes to food. The GT Road starting from Chittagong and running from Lahore till Kabul has much to offer to travellers in terms of variety. The new restaurant The Grand Trunk Road at Madhapur promises to deliver the delights of this magnificent road on your table with items like Mullah Do Pyaza, Bunda Pala, Gosht Ki Tehri and more.

The decor
This is near-perfect replica of a roadside dhaba on GT Road. The 2,000 sq ft space on ground floor with lush green plants growing from used utensils like old pressure-cookers, canisters, huge pots etc sets the mood right at the entrance. As you enter you see sparkling water oozing out like a fountain, not from any ornate piece, but from a rustic green hand-pump that looks straight out of a sleepy town of Haryana.
There are no air conditioners, yet it is cool thanks to two large air coolers and a high ceiling from which hang iron buckets upside down with bulbs lighting up the seating area. The furniture is wooden with a rugged look and therea��s enough space for people to move around. The wall decor sports an industrial look with naked bricks peeping from here and there. We also saw glass-jars and petrol-pipe nozzles used as bulb holders. The attraction of the place is a huge truck front that has been extended as an elevated seating area complete with thick ropes and tiny triangular multi-coloured decorative flags. The guests, especially the youngsters, were seen enjoying their meal sitting atop this wonder.

The delights
The monikers of the dishes are as interesting as the food. The side dishes fall under a�?Side OK Pleasea�� category. Since the place doesna��t serve alcohol the section for beverages is described a�?Nasha Mukt Kendraa�� in chaste Hindi. They have Chilli Oyster Fish from China Town, Calcutta. You can try Doodh Soda which is a milk blend of mango and orange flavours and some soda. We liked Mantu, an Afghan dumpling filled with spicy minced mutton. Another interesting item was Rangeen Jalebiyan – saccharine loops flavoured with fresh pineapple and rose. Says Vikram Mehta, one of the partners, a�?We designed the menu after we tried and tested food from various dhabas across
GT Road.a�?

Price and portion
The dishes served are enough for two. The Papdi Paneer, however, could have more pieces. Cost for two:`1,100++ taxes. Time: 12 pm-11.15 pm. Details: 33194258

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