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    Lime Diaries brings together travellers for A�stories from the road

    Travel and stories go together like wine and cheese. So ita��s no wonder that Lime Diaries, a storytelling event started by Vikram Ahuja, the founder of Byond Travel is turning out to be a roaring success. a�?All of us come back from our travels with really interesting tales to tell. And regaling our friends and family with our adventures, is basically a way to relive the experience. So we thought it would be great to explore the art of storytelling through travel,a�? begins Ahuja, explaining the concept behind the event.
    The evening sees a curated group of speakers coming forward to share their experiences from the road, with each person talking for a maximum of 10 minutes. This is followed by a question and answer session with the audience. a�?The stories must be unique, genuine and have an easy flow,a�? adds Ahuja.
    Summer friendly
    Timed perfectly, right in the thick of the summer vacation, speakers include everyone from artists, local celebs, CEOs and more. a�?There is no theme, the speakers are welcome to talk about any topic they choose,a�? shares Malvika Mayur of Byond Travel. Troy Erstling of Brain Games, a company that helps hire foreign talent for positions in sales, marketing, design, and tech, for durations of three months to one year, will take a philosophical look at travel and talk about life lessons. a�?He will also explain why making friends with locals is the best way to learn about a new place,a�? Mayur says.
    The audience will also get to hear from mother-daughter duo a�� Kubra and Yasmin Sait. While Kubra (the daughter), a travel show host, will recount her experience of completely switching off from the world (read: her phone), on a trekking expeditions, Yasmin will talk about her solo trip to America. Akanksha Sonthalia, an architect, model and dancer, will take the audience through her backpacking trip across the North East.
    Entry free. April 26. At Byond Travel, Indiranagar. 7 pm.
    Details: 39511935

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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