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    Qtrove.com is a one-stop-shop for curated artisanal products

    Offering a range of products spanning everything from baked goodies to incense sticks, purses, candles and bath products, Qtrove.com is not your average e-commerce platform. Here, the products have a personal touch, that can only come from passionate artisans, who focus on quality rather than quantity. a�?The products on sale are handpicked from a selection of small-time vendors,a�? begins founder, Vinamra Pandya, who started Qtrove along with Chennai-based Prashanth Nagarajan. a�?We wanted to present articles that have more value and meaning,a�? he elaborates.
    Currently operational only in Bengaluru where they are based, all their vendors follow sustainable practices. The perishable good are preservative free and organic. With 300 products across 10 categories, Pandya clarifies that ita��s not a discount-driven site. An entrepreneur for over 10 years with stints at Infosys, Moms Kitchen in Pune, Tasty Khana (which was sold to Food Panda), Pandyaa��s original plan was to sell snacks, but he later decided it would be a better idea to include other categories as well. Nagarajan, a third-generation entrepreneur and having worked with Grofers, has a wealth of retail experience.
    While products like bacon jam, from Cheatz Bangalore, are sure to appeal to food obsessives, products like Activated Charcoal Salt Bar and Clovvea��s travel pouches, with Aztec prints will resonate with those with a love for all things offbeat. The founders hope to soon start delivery to metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, though no concrete plans are in place yet.
    Rs 40 upwards. Details: qtrove.com

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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