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The citya��s elite took a break from partying to save 3,000 plants from being cut

On a Roll – Megha

This week the city witnessed a gathering of more than 150 a�?highly selfisha�? people at the KBR Park- the Walkera��s paradise. Their selfish interest was to inspire the government which has already passed the order to cut more than 3,000 trees around KBR Park and in the vicinity to either relocate these trees or find alternative ways for the development of flyover.
The gathering had various age groups who are already weary and disturbed about climate change that made more than one-fourth of India suffer from drought. The growing scarcity of water resulting in a huge dependence on water tankers many of which have high salt content causing skin and hair issues besides being expensive is a cause of concern.
The group voiced out many facts including the obvious relation of greenery and the presence of KBR park being crucial to keep the temperature around Banjara Hills two degrees lesser than the other areas in the same city.
Their selfishness was acting upon the fear of being aware of the serious consequences they and their children would have to face with this huge, mass destruction of nature. The group pointed out that why a sensible government like ours – known to be the voice of farmers – is unable to bring an eco-friendly development and set a role model for other states. They cited the example of smaller countries like Malaysia for solutions.
Usha, in a tee and denim, pointed out our aversion to save and grow trees but our need to park our cars in shade. Many sensitive people came forward with pertinent, thought provoking questions.
The city also witnessed a soulful Sufi night presented by Sabri brothers with the Charminar as the backdrop. The event organised by the Hyderabad Art festival brought out the depth and the pain in the voice of the artists which touched the hearts of many. Rita, dressed in Chaand Ki Bali, paired up with splashes of pink carried a picture perfect pose of exuberance in the evening.
Relationships encompass human life to such an extent that the quality of our life is deeply influenced by our relationships. The Relationship Joyshop by Nithya Shanti, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and Sujata Potay brought in many learning techniques including a�?How to Use Active Constructive communicationa�� by participating in the Joy of Others exercises to acknowledge the positives in others. T echniques to release guilt and the ability to be present with the person completely in the moment were some takeaways for many from the two-day event.
Tip: Be a Friend of Nature

(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a people’s person with a pulse on the city’s happenings)


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