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    What you need to know about triathlons and how to prepare for them

    Some swim, some cycle and some run. But if you can do all three consecutively, maybe ita��s time you gave triathlons a shot. Though training for one might sound intimidating, Peter Van Geit, founder of the Chennai Trekking Club, suggests, a�?Maintain a strict cross-training fitness regimen for at least six months to work out all the muscles for the different events.a�? And discipline is key, too. For Ajit Thandur, founder of Enduro and organiser of the Tri Thonnur triathlons, ita��s all about planning your energy, nutrition and hydration levels. a�?You have to figure out your needs and pace yourself. Dona��t burn yourself out too early,a�? he says. Meanwhile, avid runner and cyclist Neville Bilimoria says the organisation matters, too, because a�?a good support and aid system, hydration team and clear road routes make all the difference.a�? So keep all that in mind before considering any of these upcoming triathlons.
    Fit I Am TAD: With a 200m swim, 10km cycle and a 5km run, this event kicks off on June 28, in Sarjapur, Bengaluru. Sign up by June 15. Rs 350. Details: fitiam.in
    Chennai Triathlon: Organised by the Chennai Trekking Club, it centres around OMR and the Ottiyambakkam lake. Scheduled for August 9, you can register for the Sprint, Olympic or Half Iron triathlon. Rs 500. Details: chennaitrekkers.org
    Tri Thonnur 2015: In its fourth edition, this challenge includes the Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron and Relay. On September 6, it will flag off in Thonnur, about 40 km from Mysore. Rs 1,400. Details: enduro.co.in.
    Hyderabad Triathlon: In its sixth year, and organised by the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, this one falls on October 11. At GMC Balayogi Stadium in Gachibowli, pick from Novice to Three-fourth Iron. Rs 1,000. Details: hyderabadtriathlon.com

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