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    This Delhi-based Label’s SS17 collection is laced with mountain folklores

    MADSAM Tinzin’s ensemble tells a tale, one that is nestled high up in the mountain roads of Ladakh. But come this Lakmé Fashion Week, the four designers — Madhuritu Dutta, Saumya Sharma, Tina Bhardwaj, and Stanzin Dazes — who run the label are set to bring their eclectic clothing to the runway. Steeped in the folklore of the Aryan Brokpa tribe that traces its origins to the lost army of Alexander, this Spring/Summer collection mimics traditional Greek drapery which comes in loose, breezy silhouettes.

    Ivory touch
    Despite its tribal essence, the collection finds its footing in its contemporary styling in the form of tunics, kurtas, palazzos, midis, anklelength dress and skirts. “Due to its innate Grecian lineage, this collection features a lot of ivory,” says design r Tina Bhardwaj, adding,“We have tried to create an illusion of an armour through silver embroideries and accessories.” Focusing heavily on detail of surface ornamentation in their designs, cording stitching techniques and multicoloured fabrics have been used to replicate the tribe’s embroidery. “We have also recreated the feel of the original fabric which was made of yak wool by using an amalgamation of cotton chanderi and matka silks,”she says. Hand embroidered work, which also features extensively in the collection, is used to give the impression of fur used in the capes.

    Way forward
    With 16 models on the runway for this collection, the designers, however, are tight-lipped about their showstopper. “She will be wearing something exaggerated in terms of embroidery and styling with an authentic headgear to recreate a proper Brokpa feel,”says Tina. Following their show in the India circuit this February, the team will be showcasing the Brok-pa line in Los Angeles and New York.“We will also be participating in Who’s Next Paris in September with a whole new collection.”

    To be unveiled on February 3.
    — Rebecca Vargese


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