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    Beauty conscious
    BuzzFeed follows up their female beauty video with one for the male species. Answering the million dollar question, a�?What does the ideal man look like?a��, they find that it depends where in the world you are. Tackling the different standards of male beauty, it is not only great eye candy but also an eye opener. While for Turkish men hair removal is all the rage and for Britons sporting a tattoo is considered prime, it is noteworthy that Indian men still put looking fair as their greatest desire.
    Fake fans
    Jimmy Kimmel does again what he does best a�� hustling fans who have no idea theya��re caught lying on camera. South by Southwest, one of the most popular annual music festivals in America, sees festival goers so caught up in being trendy, they admit, and elaborately so, to liking artistes who dona��t exist. Kimmel sent out his reporter to catch them on Lie Witness News, and document their embarrassed reaction to when they realise theya��ve been pretending to be cool and know a�?non-existenta�� music.
    Mega Ultron
    If you are a Marvel comics and film fan then you owe thanks to YouTube user JohnnyB2K who has weaved together the footage from The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers to give us an epic one. From the Hulka��s anger going out of control to romance blossoming for Agent Romanov, the video Age of Ultron Trailers Chronological Edit even gives you a sense of who the characters are, minus their masks and apocalypse nearing. Plus, Iron Man Mark XLIII.
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