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    A new show traverses the length of India with a focus on some clever illusions

    QUITE magical,  literally, You Got Magic is a travel show with magician Neel Madhav and explorer, playwright and actor Aakash Arora, to bring out the ‘magic of Indian cities.’ The two young adventurists will explore lifestyles, food and people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. “The 13-part travelling series will discover the most magical elements in a city— food, places, people or music,” begins Madhav. As well as  the wackiest. Then, by drawing people in through magic, they will aim to showcase the hidden treasures  from a new and fresh perspective.
    Arora’s passion for food, travel and exploration is also perfectly channeled here. Not only will he treat his palate to exotic flavours but he’d also learn the history, culture  and significance behind them.

    Working with a magician, Arora admits is great fun. “I was amazed by what I saw! But I think, when you work constantly with a magician, you get an idea of how the illusion comes about,” he shares. “There was this one trick Neel did in Jaisalmer when he turned sand into gold dust. That was pretty awesome,” he reveals.

    Apparently there is never a dull moment in the series, although Madhav feels it is a ‘balanced one with  a little bit of everything for everyone and in the right proportion.’ And although it’s a travel show, it isn’t the run of the mill sort. “Travel, food and adventure are the main hues, tempered with human interaction and celebration, then embellished with my magic,” Madhav tells us, confessing that he hasn’t actually been able to figure out the whole package, which makes it more mysterious and enjoyable — for him and the audience!

    Look out for episodes  where the duo hits Jaisalmer for live music in the desert, a Ganpati visarjan in Bombay, chilling out at a  restaurant  overlooking the majestic Himalayas and playing with Tibetan children in Mcleodgunj with stops at the Kullu Valley and Neeralaya resort by the Beas river as well. And of course a visit to Dr Bhang in Jaisalmer — a shop that sells some ‘Special Lassi’.

    Premiers tonight (every Friday) at 8.30 pm on NDTV Good Times

    —Aakanksha Devi


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