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    A radio station that has at least three great on-air moments on a daily basis is a radio station worth listening to. A spike in terms of listenership doesna��t happen on a continuous basisa��it happens only when something has triggered the listenera��s attention and imagination. These moments are extremely precious because, when analysed and studied, they could very well be repeated to increase the stationa��s popularity.

    These instances of great radio can happen with or without planning. If the stationsa�� think tank is healthy, then bringing about a unique listening experience will be a walk in the park. You know a station is popular because, along with the music, there is always something to look forward to.

    A while back, a radio presenter requested listeners to honk thrice if they felt strongly about a particular issue that was being discussed. The office of this radio unit was bang on the main road and you could hear random cars honking thrice, which made that on-air moment complete!

    A few years back, anot-her presenter gave a cricket update of a cricket match between India and an international team. Intrigued listeners called in to enquire about where the match was being played and they were told, immediately, to check the daya��s date. The date was April 1.

    Ita��s moments like these that sky rocket the numbers of a stationa��s database. These are examples of clever radio tricks that not only set the brand and the presenter apart but also gives the listener a memorable radio experience. The time is now for stations to step up their intelligence quotient and give listeners recallable moments.

    Obviously, for a superior on-air experience, you need a team that is a winning combination and thinks differently, but shares the same page. The day a station has this dream team, it will remain number one for ever. See you next week with more radio talk!

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