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    As The Magnificent Seven releases, Chris Pratt tells us why Westerns will never go out of fashion

    Actor Chris Pratt, whose photos and videos on Instagram (of a recent vacation) were adorable to say the least, announced that he will be taking a six-month break to spend more time with the family. The 37-year-old actor has had a hectic shooting schedule for three upcoming films (Passengers,A�The Magnificent SevenA�andA�Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2). With the cowboy flicka��a remake of the 1960s film by the same namea��set to release today, he will be seen in a Western avatar on screen with co-stars Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. The film is set in the 1870s,A�shortly after the American Civil War. Best known for his role in the TV series, Parks and Recreations, Pratt speaks about his character Josh Faraday and why Westerns are here to stay.

    Whata��s the background for your character?
    Josh Faraday is a gambler, a drinker, a lover of cigars and the finer things in lifeA�(laughs). In the course of this journey, he makes a choice to face his demons, be a good guy and do something that benefits someone other than himself.

    Why do you think audiences the world over love this very American genre?
    I think that now we are a very just society, but some people would argue that wea��re not free. In the Wild West, there were certainly perils around each corner, but they experienced a type of freedom that wea��ll never know. Maybe thata��s why wea��re so drawn to the genre.

    How well did you bond with the cast and the crew?
    I knewA�Vincent Da��Onofrio from having worked with him onA�Jurassic World, so he and I were friends going in. I made lifelong friends on this movie, too, Ethan being one of them. Hea��s so smart and talented, and hea��s just a really interesting and lovely guy.

    Tell us about the gun you used in the film.
    It isA�a Colt Peacem-aker.A�I had my own personal Colt at home, so the minute I got home Ia��d put my own gun on my hip, walk around with it and spin it, and take it everywhere with me.

    What about James Hornera��s music?
    Ita��s fantastic. Ia��ll never forget coming back from the weekend when James had passed away and Antoine had found out that he had secretly been doing the score for this movie. Antoine had tears in his eyes and he just stopped production and pulled up this music for us, so we could hear a sample of it. Everyone had goosebumps.
    The movie releases today
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