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    Order myambutol medication Mia Raghavi shares her experiences and tips on travelling solo

    Born to parents with transferable jobs, travel was not something new to Mia Raghavi. New schools, new friends, new cities ai??i?? her childhood experiences prompted her to embark on solo travels. Travelling solo for the last five years, the 24-year-old has set a new benchmark.

    In December 2016, Mia travelled across five European countries in just 10 days. ai???There wasnai??i??t any itinerary or fixed agenda. I was a seeker and the sheer thrill of travelling, while observing various people and their lifestyles kept me hooked. I was keen on learning about different cultures and being close to nature,ai??? she shares.

    Mia reminisces her stay in strangersai??i?? houses, midnights in Paris, hiking uphill, her walk with sheep and cows in the farms of Switzerland, sunsets at The Seine near Notre Dame, talking to street artists and other offbeat things that enriched her experience.

    With every travel experience getting richer, Mia retraces her journey. She started out with the challenge of putting her survival skills to the test. She wanted to see if she could live without all the usual comforts of touring, and found out that it was indeed thrilling.

    Mia recollects another expedition that was completely unplanned ai??i?? a trip to North-East India. It was serendipity when she encountered a friendly stranger on the way who accompanied her during the hardest of treks to visit a Buddha Temple in the Himalayas.

    When asked about the safety and primary requirements for a solo woman traveller, Mia says it is a must to always keep identity documents like passport and visa safe, along with your money. ai???Itai??i??s always good to do some research and learn about the culture of the place you are visiting before you go. Never fear to talk to people, however, and be cautious about whom you trust,ai??? she says.

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