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    How much clindamycin should i give my dog A new web series plays up the misadventures of a bachelorette

    While there have been many web series lately, there hasnai??i??t been one that is a spin-off from a chick flick. The Trip, from TV channel Bindass, attempts to fill this gap.the-trip2
    The show, which premiered yesterday, is about Ananya Makhija (played by Shwetha Tripathi), a bachelorette, on a road trip from Delhi to Thailand. Her friends, musician Shonali (Lisa Haydon), news anchor Nazia Mallik (Mallika Dua) and yoga instructor Sanjana (Sapna Pabbi) accompany the bride-to-be, driving from the capital through Myanmar and Thailand. ai???Itai??i??s a fun, 10-episode series that captures the adventures and misadventures on an all-girls road trip,ai??? says Tripathi on making her web series debut. ai???I play the role of a stylist who had to battle weight issues as a child. Now as an adult, Ananya (her character) has been able to find a newer self, thanks to Sanjana, who helped her lose weight. Along with her new BFF Sanjana, Ananya goes on this trip with her childhood buddies,ai??? adds Shweta, who will be seen in two new films next year ai??i?? Haraamkhor, starring Nawazuddin Siddique and Anurag Kashyapai??i??s Zoo, which will be shot entirely on an iPhone.
    Shweta will play the role of a drug addict in the film Zoo, and she says she worked really hard to look like one. ai???I left sugar and carbs. I even stopped talking to my boyfriend for the longest time. I wanted my character to be irritated and edgy,ai??? says the 31-year-old actress.
    Thursdays, 7pm. Details:
    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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