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    Life stories take over the night and aim to inspire 

    With over 40 films and TV shows to her credit, Bangalore-based actor Malavika Avinash dons the role of an RJ for the latest show in town – Lifeu Ishtene on Radio Mirchi. “It is about inspiring stories of real life heroes narrated in their own words and trying to find an extraordinary story in an ordinary man’s life,” station head, Rashmi R tells us.

    Of hope and faith
    The series is set to be a host of narrations by Avinash, which will relay stories from chaiwalla to chief minister, in what promises to drive Bangaloreans to achieve the impossible, inspired by real life heroes. “This is a fantastic initiative to motivate people. I see this as a great opportunity for me as well as the listeners to meet real life heroes and listen to their inspiring stories,” begins Avinash, adding that it is the first time being on air for her. “That said, I am up for the challenge and hosting the show has made me extremely happy and at ease,” she says, and that is what Rashmi will be hoping city dwellers too feel. “For that we’re counting on Malavika’s fruity voice to bring in the freshness and captivate the listeners,” Rashmi smiles, elaborating that the RJ/actor’s strong opinions and exposure to various fields, made her the ideal choice to host the show.

    Make a difference
    A continuing initiative which will see stories being crowd sourced, is set to be on air until ‘all Bangalorean listeners are inspired’, and their aim is to bring in smiles, hope and positivity after a hard day at work. “It is not just about sharing views on love or just music, we’re hoping to engage the listeners with content to motivate them,” she signs off.
    Weekdays at 9 pm on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

    — Aakanksha Devi


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