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    FreshMenua��s new mango-based dishes are simple and refreshing

    Nothing spells summer quite like mangoes do and food delivery portal, FreshMenu has joined the bandwagon of establishments introducing a full-fledged mango menu for the season. Keeping in mind that summer warrants light and refreshing meals, the a�?Mango Mash Upa�� menu seeks to keep things simple, with mango-based salads, wraps and desserts.
    We sampled the Salsa Mango Salad with Kidney Beans on a slightly muggy yet overcast afternoon. Tart and sweet at the same time, the diced mango cubes certainly helped balance the heaviness of the kidney beans. Also in the mix were diced English cucumbers, fresh tomatoes and lettuce with an olive oil dressing. For something a tad bit heavier, opt for the Tapenade Cottage Cheese Salad. The flavour comes from the pureed and diced olives, which pair well with the cottage cheese.
    The Raw Mango Cottage Cheese Wrap, proved to be a rather unusual creation, but was impressive nonetheless. We loved the combination of mango, capsicum and cottage cheese with the soft, chewy bread, which was definitely more-ish.
    The meal came to an end with a dessert jar of Mango and Coconut Marquis Traditionally a chocolate dessert, ita��s made with cream, butter, eggs and sugar. The coconut and mango flavours are a burst of tropical flavours in your mouth, while the whipped cream helps cut the sweetness.

    Rs 100 upwards. Details: freshmenu.com

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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