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    Food truck trend reaches a feverish pitch this Sunday
    Food trucks are no longer Latin or Greek to us. In a montha��s time, Bengaluru will have at least 20 more of them parked around the city. And, if Syed Haris Alia��s plans are anything to go by, food truck festivals will become a frequent sight as well. That means, you can eat your choice of grub a�� gourmet, Indian street fare or desserts a�� fresh off these trucks, parked in one location or along a street. There usually is a lot of music on the sidelines for your entertainment.

    This Sunday, Ali is hosting the second edition of the BLR Food Truck + Music Festival at his lounge bar, Pebble a�� The Jungle Lounge. The maiden run happened two months ago. However, by popular demand, especially via social media, Ali had to come back with the second edition of this day-long festival. Ali takes us through the a�?bigger and bettera�? fest: a�?Last time, we had six food trucks. Now, we have added seven new ones. We have also changed our genre of music from hip-hop to more reggae, dubstep and drum & bass.a�?

    And this time, Ali has also roped in a vegetarian-only food truck called Foodipa. Look out for its paneer tikka, chana kulcha, pav bhaji, aloo paratha and chaats. If you like Chinese (Indian Chinese, of course), look around for Streety Treats. Do order for a plate of either coal chicken or prawn barbeques (yes, barbeques are a great Sunday fix). Or, grab burgers, sandwiches and chicken wings from Gypsy Kitchen. Bangalore Expressa�� menu is quite filling too, with its corn cheese balls. peppery lamb, and garlic prawns. Therea��s even French food to gorge on from Le Casse-Croutea��s kitchen a�� french fries, cold soup, caramel cream with salted butter and sugar, etc.

    And make a trip to either the good ola�� Just Bake (mousse cups, caramel custard and chocolate mud crumble) or the new The Ice Cream Buggy (fresh lychee icecream, chocolate coke drink, or whip up Sundaes of your taste).
    You can have your drinks from the bar inside the Pebble. It is also the venue for gigs by Dakta Dub, King Jassim+Charles Dickenson, Xstacy Sash and Shanti Ashram, Then Funk Assassin, Poison9 and B-side.
    Food starts at `50. Entry free. 11am-11 pm. At Palace Grounds.
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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