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New restaurant Tang introduces the city to some authentic Chinese cuisine

THERE is Indian Chinese. Then there is authentic Chinese. While the former is what Hyderabad loves, there is a slow yet steady rise in patronage for the real one. For those like me who recently visited Taiwan, the difference is obvious. Attempting to bridge this gap is new restaurant Tang that is part of the China-based hospitality enterprise, Greatwall Group.

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Right from the wall hangings imported from China to the menu written in both Chinese and English, Tang makes efforts to stay true to its oriental roots. Also, the principal staff including the chefs and the general manager, have been flown in from China. The restaurant located on the topmost floor of Forum Sujana Mall in Kukatpally. ai???I have been in India for the last three years and Iai??i??ve noticed that there arenai??i??t many restaurants that serve this kind of food,ai??? says Fiona Yang, the chief executive officer of Tang.

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The start to the meal with a six-colour Guantang package bun of six dumplings in different colours was rather dramatic. Vegetarians will particularly enjoy this dish as it can easily pass off as a comfort food. What stands out in the dumpling section is the steamed bun stuffed with fresh soup. Chefs use hot chicken or lamb soup as the filling for this dish, popular in Eastern China. Diners are advised to nibble the outer layer of the dumpling first as it is steaming. Tang offers a variety of noodles. Hand-pulled noodles with hot and spicy sauce was definitely the highlight. However, keep in mind that ai???hot and spicyai??? is as per Chinese standards so donai??i??t be surprised if it doesnai??i??t meet your expectations. Tang opens to public on November 5.Ai??Price for two: `1,200 ++. Details: 9542976567

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