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    Donald Trump is not a familiar name in India. Born with a golden plate, silver spoon and a mercurial temperament, the 69-year-old real estate tycoon is famed for his big bucks (net worth: $8.7 billion) and even bigger mouth. He owns a $100 million private jet, $150 million yacht, a 213-acre property in New York and is on the verge of racing away with the Republican Partya��s nomination for the US Presidential Elections in 2016.
    Whata��s dragging him down, however, is his reputation. A thrice-married man, his misogynist aura is now catching up with him. His bilious outbursts against celebrity women are legendary. He publicly ticked off television personality Rosie Oa��Donnell by labelling her a�?a fat, ugly, sloba��. He called actress Anne Hathaway a�?a gold diggera��. Ariana Huffington, the high priestess of Huffington Post didna��t escape his attention either. She was castigated as a�?being unattractive both inside and outa��. In his trademark patronising tone, he declared once: a�?Angeline Jolie is OK. Shea��s not a beauty by any stretch of imagination.a�? He outdid himself recently when he ran down Fox News host Megyn Kelly, for asking him tough questions, by alluding it to her menstrual cycles.
    Obnoxious politicians are normally chided and taken out of the equation by mainstream parties. But the Republican Party has been unable to jettison Trump as his bravado, boorishness and a�?political incorrectnessa�� seem to be resonating with the Cow Boy Belt of USA.
    To get a perspective of Trump, hea��s what youa��ll get when you mix the flamboyance of Vijay Mallya, wealth of Mukesh Ambani, ostentation of a Maharaja, the patriarchal streak of a Mulayam Singh Yadav and the atavistic worldview of a Khap Panchayat!
    Political pundits are hoping for a self-goal from Trump. The man himself thinks hea��ll sweep the polls, like Ronald Reagan. Only time will tell how this will play out. But interestingly, numerology is loaded against him.
    Sample this: 2016 is the year of 9. Trumpa��s birth number is 5, destiny number is 3 and name number is 3. Clearly his numbers are not in sync. If one studies the elections of 1944 and 1980 (the other years of 9), the winnera��s coordinates do not match Trumpa��s. On the contrary, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are better placed to clinch the nomination. But going by his luck (he survived four bankruptcies), Donald should come up trumps.


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