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    Cat tease

    Alistair von Teese clearly takes after his Mummy Dita von Teese and is just as glamorous and attractive. A top notch pedigree, a Devonshire Rex to be precise, the burlesque stara��s kitty is also on Instagram with about 55,000 followers. The nine-year-old feline travels in his very own Louis Vuitton carrier, which Dita explains he never leaves home without. a�?He has a Louis Vuitton carrier, which I had painted with my monogram. Hea��s really smart and can unzip it. I have to watch him carefully. One time he popped out on the plane,a�? she says, adding that he is most at home in her bed in their 1940s house in Los Angeles. Featuring with his mother in most posts, the cat is also considered the dancera��s muse.

    By design

    Born on August 15, 2011, Choupette
    (meaning sweetheart in French), is the prized possession and baby of Karl Largerfeld. Long-haired and blue-eyed, she is no model but a cat of the Birman breed, affectionately called #ChanelCat. Apparently, model Baptiste Giabiconi left her in the care of Lagerfeld when he went on holiday, only to never get her back! The little miss has Twitter and Instagram accounts (@ChoupettesDiary), and even has two maids to take care of her silky coat, fuss over her and keep a diary of her daily activities. Choupette, also has a book to her credit called: Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat chronicling her lifeA� as well as a capsule collectionA� of accessories by Lagerfield, dedicated to her.

    Marc two

    He is not your average Bull Terrier, but that isna��t only because Neville Jacobs is quirky fashion designer Marc Jacobsa�� dog. Apart from his 1.5 lakh follows on Instagram to make you jealous, this precious canine is also part of a�?Daddya��sa�� Bookmarc campaign which rolled out earlier this month. Ditching his usual favourites like Adriana Lima and Kendall Jenner, the ever-inventive designer cast his own Neville for the latest creations. Sporting a striped bow-tie, glasses and reading a book by celebrity hair stylist Guido Palau, the pooch really makes an impression. In another ad of the same series, David Sims shoots five other pups, who are listening intently as Neville reads to them from Leo Tostoya��s War and Peace, wearing a spotted muffler. With his vast fan following in social media, it might not even be a bizarre idea to push out the Autumn/Winter line.

    Going gaga

    Apart from being Lady Gagaa��s dog, Miss Asia Kinney is a celebrity in her own right. The little French bulldog, who has been with Gaga since April 2014, has been named the face of Coach! Miss Asia Kinney made her modelling debut in June for the Coach Pups which features fancy pooches and a Coach product on them. To top it all off, the portrait is by top photographer Steven Meisel. Taking to her Instragram account (missasiakinney), the a�?modela�� wrote: Ia��m so proud to post my first photo as the face of @Coach for this yeara��s #CoachPups Campaign, shot by Steven Meisel! With over 12 lakh followers on the account, she is likely to only gain more popularity, as she donated to the worthy cause of helping rescue other bulldogs in New York. Popular and philanthropic, we say.

    Pitch purr-fect

    Meredith Swift is no ordinary kitty. For starters her a�?mothera�� is pop singer Taylor Swift and secondly, shea��s got more followers on Twitter
    and Instagram than you. The Scottish fold cat, named after the character Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) from Taylora��s favourite show Greya��s Anatomy, shot to fame two years ago in an adorable video the singer posted, as it got a million hits over night. Since, shea��s only become more famous with Taylora��s dressing room filled with her posters, and her blogs heavily featuring the furry pet. In March, Meredith again came into the limelight for scratching her mothera��s thigh, just when it was rumoured to be insured for $40 million. Follow her on Twitter on @MeredithKitty or meredithswift if youa��re on Instagram.



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