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    Top gossip apps to fuel your celebrity curiosity

    Who Say
    Tom Hanks, Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev, Usain Bolt and Sofia Vergara, among others, have all tied up with the app (and magazine) to give you unfiltered information straight from the horsea��s mouth. Personalised messages, selfies, family photos, Twitter updates, all 100 per cent from the stars themselves, makes this one reliable and less cluttered by rumours. On iOS and Android. Details: whosay.com

    Gossip Bucket
    Scouring popular celebrity sites, Twitter feeds and the Internet for real time updates, Gossip Bucket, created early this year, now offers trending news on Apple devices in addition to the mobile website. Some articles can be completely viewed but others may just give a short headline and blurb to keep you updated even when a story has just broken. On iOS. Details: gossipbucket.com

    Celebrity Gossip
    A handy app, this one doesna��t overload your phone with constant updates on insignificant news. Tapping into the wider audience and intelligently scanning only mega trends and stories, Celebrity Gossip really gives you the juiciest news there is out there. Watch videos too as part of the content. For iOS and Android. Details: riversip.com

    Celebrity Update
    Yet another great Android creation from MadRabbit, the app taps into RSS feeds to keep you updated about the latest news, gossip, rumours and photos of celebrities. Events in Hollywood, up-to-the-minute information about television shows and stars as well as music personalities are all on this neat app so you dona��t need to worry about missing out on the happenings in the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Details: play.google.com

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