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    Ride along OTBSnip2
    If you love supercars, then dona��t forget to tune in to Nat Geo Gold a�� Supercars next week. The show will reveal the science, technology, and behind-the-scenes manufacturing stories of the iconic cars, including the Lamborghini MurciA�lago, the Porsche GT3, the Audi R8, the Rolls-Royce Phantom and many more. Thursday, 10 pm on National Geographic

    Kitchen tricks
    On episode 14 of Top Chef (Season 12), titled Holy Escamoly!, contestants are challenged to create two magical dishes with chocolate a�� one sweet, and one savoury. The task gets tougher as they progress to the a�?Elimination Challengea��, as they need to whip up a six-course menu.
    Dona��t miss the kitchen drama. Monday, 9 pm on AXN

    Japanese storyOTBSnip1
    A show that aims to explore the enticing array of ingredients, flavours and dishes from across the globe, Food Safari isA�sure to keep you glued to the telly. This episode takes you through the wonders of the Japanese cuisine. Friday, 7.30 pm on Fox Life HD


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