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    Israeli band Tiny Fingers makes its India debut at Saarang today

    With a line-up of big namesa��from a talk by Anita Nair to performances by Karnivool, Thermal Projekt and Sunidhi Chauhana��IIT Madrasa��s cultural event, Saarang, is big this year. One of the highlights is Tiny Fingers, a four-man band, that is embarking on its first tour of the country, with a performance in the city. More from them:

    Tell us about the band.
    We formed in 2009. In the beginning, we were just friends that jammed together, but we built our own studio and just stayed there for a long time, exploring sounds and music. By 2012, wea��d recorded four albums and started to tour all over the world.

    Can you sum up your sound?
    Each of us comes from a different musical placea��from metal to classical music, electronics, and even Brazilian music. We always look to blend things to create the Tiny Fingers vibe. We dona��t want to be attached to specific genres or movements.

    Any musical influences though?
    Of course we have them, but ita��s not like wea��re trying to sound like any other band. We like The Mars Volta and John Fruschiante. We love the 70a��s vibes tooa��Hendrix and Pink Floyd. But we also rate Dub and Hip Hop.

    What can we expect from this gig?
    We play a different set every show, so we can feel the vibe and create a trip thata��s right. We just finished recording and mixing our new album, so you can expect new tracks, as well as favourites like Demands. Wea��re excited to come to India for the first time.

    Today at 6 pm. At IIT Madras. Details: saarang.org

    Maegan Dobson Sippy


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