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    Musicians from across genres converge at Windsong Festival

    This festival season, Hyderabad kicks things off with the Maruti Suzuki Windsong Festival, for a weekend of pop, rock, funk, folk, reggae and live electronica. Set to be the first cross-genre experience mixed with adventure sports, shopping and some casual mingling, this eco-friendly event sees the likes of Farhan Akhtar, The Junkyard Groove, The F-16s, BLOT! and even Lesle Lewis. We catch up with some of the artistes ahead of the show.

    28CultureLead8Lesle Louis
    What can we expect from the gig?
    There is this artiste I am creating new music for and showcasing called Lesle Lewis! He has been on the back burner for a while so I set out to create new music for him! It will have a blues and very rock and roll vibe. I would like to perform new singles, but people at festivals want to relax and have a great time so a mix of old and new.

    Music festivals are…
    Meant for people who want to let their hair down and have a great time, not necessarily for the musica��s sake (though music is the key draw). This entire concept of promoting home-grown talent and bringing together a bunch of talented singers is great.

    Anyone from the line-up youa��d like to jam with?
    All of them maybe! Like a Windsong all-star jam session.

    India as a music destination.
    We have the numbers. International artistes need new fans and India has a serious quantum of them.

    Your unique sound.
    I play/make music which is thought evoking and emotional without being literal. Dance music is a very personal journey to me and nobody needs to be involved as long as it keeps the listener in constant elevation and energy.
    Playing at Windsong.
    Fans can expect something different from the usual after party but keeping the festival vibe. The festival gives a very indie vibe and a great platform to homeA�grown talent.

    Prateek Kuhad
    Rewind to your start.
    I went to college in New York. The city and people inspired me and soon songwriting became my favourite thing to do. I started doing it full-time, even when I returned.

    Break down your music for us.
    I put in a lot of thought into lyrics. The songs tell stories in some way. To sit and listen is the best way to consume it.

    Sneak-peek into the gig.
    Ia��m releasing an album (In Tokens & Charms) in 2015. Expect songs from that!

    An artiste/band youa��d like to watch.

    28CultureLead2Indian Ocean
    More on the performance.
    We are showcasing our 7th studio album, Tandanu. It awakens a new consciousness and a renewed sense of patriotism. The music ranges from the classical to the contemporary.
    Festival USP
    Music that comes straight from the soul. Ita��s not a commercial festival but one that lays a lot of emphasis on promoting new talent and merging it with established names. Ita��s a great meeting ground for musicians and playground for experimentation.
    A band you are hoping to catch live.
    Farhan Akhtar. He only does film songs so I want to see how he adapts to a non-Bollywood audience. I want to see his comfort zone and how good a performer he is. Ita��s good to see how Bollywood performers come over to this side instead of independent artistes going over to that side!

    28CultureLead5Farhan Akhtar
    Back to the beginning.
    My firsta memory of a guitar is when my dad bought me a guitar when I was 16. It was a a�?Givsona�?. It was just one alphabet off!
    Playing at the Windsong Music Festival.
    Just to come and share the music we have made in our films over the last 10 or 12 years with the fans here is very, very exciting. I like taking my energy from my audience and throwing it out to them wherever I perform. I like loud and noisy audiences who come wanting a good timae.

    How would you convince someone sitting on the fence about the festival?
    Get off the fence! Only then will you know how wonderful the earth feels beneath your feet. Leta��s walk together and sing songs together. The experience of attending a live performance is completely different as compared to listening to a CD.
    Music festivals catching on.
    Ita��s a very different energy than what is experienced in a single artiste concert. The eclectic mix of music and music aficionados is always fun and therea��s always a lot more going on besides the performances. The last five years has seen a boost in the music business.
    At Golf & Country Club, Gachibowli. November 29-30, 12 noon onwards. Tickets (Rs.575++ student pass), (Rs.863++ general pass) on

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