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1004AfterDarkAnchorChymeraA Berlin-based  producer shares  his skills

If your love of electronica leaves you wanting to get behind the consoles, then this IDM workshop is the place to begin. The second to be held in the city by Indo-German DJ Pawas Gupta, it is co-hosted by Berlin-based Irish producer Chymera.

Mixing it up
The last edition included participants from the ages of 20 to 60, and this one aims to be equally inclusive. “I’m still fine tuning the content, but I will cover topics such as different methods of generating melodies and give an overview of some analog synths. Using those techniques I will show how I produce a track,” says Chymera. Asked about the advice they’ll be sharing with aspiring DJs, both producers stress the importance of staying true to yourself. “Be passionate about the music you love, rather than playing what you think you should,” says Chymera. “Don’t be afraid to push boundaries, that’s what creativity is,” adds Gupta.

Having played together in Europe, the pair say that their ‘good rapport’, will ‘lead to a more comfortable and cohesive session’. Post workshop participants (along with party-goers) will head to Tao Terraces for a live set by Chymera, and a DJ set from Pawas. Giving us a taste of what to expect then, Chymera describes his music as ‘melodic and emotional’. “My live set is 50 per cent unreleased material and 50 per cent old favourites. It’s energetic, will keep feet moving and satisfy the mind too,” he signs off.
Free event. Tomorrow at Goethe Institut, Indiranagar. Party at The Tao Terraces, 1 MG Mall.


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