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    If YOU have a hankering for a burrito or perhaps a proper fajita, The Heat is the place to be. Nestled among the department stores, quick service KFCs and Dunkina�� Donuts and houses on New BEL Road, this restaurant and cafe brings in the authenticity and options which most other Mexican eateries in the city lack. Featuring three floors a�� a lounge setup, a wooden deck middle floor and a soon-to-be launched herb and vegetable garden on the top to promote organic living, they really liven up the street. Having lived in California with innumerable trips to Mexico, you can rest assured owner Amit Lau has brought in authenticity. Plus, the know-how from his equally well-informed wife Shalini.
    Starting us off on a good note was the vegetarian nachos. We loved that they were loaded with plenty of jalapeA�os, iceberg lettuce, cheese and spring onions. Actual corn nachos were used in this dish and not its mass-produced counterparts, for an authentic experience. Plus, salsa which didna��t taste like tomato puree. A spicy Caesars salad followed with plenty of lettuce, creamy cilantro dressing and fried tortilla strips to add a peppy crunch. 1
    If youa��d like to make a meal without mains, perhaps a wholesome soup (the tortilla one for vegetarians and the creamy chunky chicken version for non-vegetarians) should do the trick. For a bit of DIY fun, do try the fajitas a�� apparently their house specialty. We picked the chicken one which is well seasoned, though a bit Indianised. The tortillas are soft and light though, and really seal the deal along with spot-on guacamole and sour cream that is not just mayo wearing a mask. Burritos take on a different avatar here and even hog up an entire page on the menu. We tried the BBQ chicken one, and were taken by surprise at how massive it was. It can be a bit heavy as it comes filled with spicy rice, cheese, beans, and of course chicken. If you like lamb, their lamb burrito is an absolute must-have for its novelty. Quesadillas filled with cheese, zesty chicken and grilled peppers is another option.
    While it may not fit the set-up, their array of tea is impressive. Carefully selected by Amit himself, they are loose leaf teas that have the intense flavour of the hills of Darjeeling. If youa��re looking for milkshakes and coolers, then youa��ll be spoiled for choice too.
    Make sure you have plenty of time on hand when you visit, as the music, atmosphere and selection of food will keep you going on and on. We cana��t wait to sample the organic veggies that will go straight from the terrace farm onto your platter soon.
    `1,000 for two. Details: 23601345

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