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    Twitter is no level playing field. Therea��s an invisible poverty line that runs through the cacophonous pyramid of the twitterverse. Those below the line are tagged as a�?low lives,a�� while the rest walk with the swagger of the blue-blooded. a�?Low livesa�� are by definition, social lepers like me, with less than 200 followers in their kitty.

    To escape the label, you either need to create fake accounts and follow your good self or implore your fourth grade classmatea��s third rate frienda��s second cousina��s first love to do you a resounding favour. Since both options look ridiculous, a simpler way out is to have a hypnotic twitter handle.

    Karachi-born entrepreneur Abu Ibrahim Muhammad Aly Balagamwala may not exactly tickle your fancy but his twitter avatar @discomaulvi kind of intrigues you into shedding your pouch of Pakistani prejudices and adding him to the list of people youa��d like to know.

    Sarah Ruth Lucy may not mean much to you. Shea��s a renowned journalist in Silicon Valley running the technology news site PandoDaily. Nothing may interest a stranger about her. But when you notice her twitter handle @sarahcuda, things change. Her word play catches your eye and you feel like adding her to your social circle.

    Sonal Dabral is a mini-legend in advertising circles in India. But not many outside the profession may have heard of him. He spent much of his early years in Agra. His twitter identity @agracadabra is a tribute to his hometown. The magical fusion of his surname with the city he loves, evokes an instant empathy.

    Gauri Kamath is an avid healthcare blogger. Like all of us, she could have used her personal name as her handle but instead she opted for the charming @apothecurry. The Indian a�?currya�� spin to the archaic word for a pharmacist certainly makes her more eligible for attracting followers than us low lives.

    Anantha Narayan


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