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    Drama during office hours in a radio station is pretty common but drama on-air is rare. I did not mean to rhyme but when it comes to giving the masses what they really want, a few stations are right on the money. Big 92.7FM Chennai now brings you a radio drama all set to transport you to a different realm; all you have to do is just listen.

    In the 70s and the 80s, radio drama was a country-wide hit. There use to be appointment listenership for many radio plays. People would scramble back from work just to listen to the audio dramas. This season, Big FM is offering Shivam to its listeners. The story is a spiritual mystery written by Indra Soundarrajan of Marmadesam fame. The story could grip listeners, depending on how well it gets cooked. Ita��s about a software engineer from the US who comes to his village to marry his niece but due to certain issues in their horoscopes the marriage fails to go through. The engineer is an atheist and questions every superstition. His village is spiritually bound to traditional beliefs, they are staunch believers of Shivam which is an old temple.

    The engineer soon experiences strange incidents in the temple and go on to find a treasure, which is an emerald statue of Lord Nataraja. A band of thieves tries to steal the same and in the process some get killed and the story moves at a very thrilling pace. There are about 65 characters in this drama and the novel twist is that it has one of BIG FMa��s listeners playing an important role in the story.
    It has all the makings of a movie and it would be interesting to know how listeners would respond to it. Shivam opens on November 18, on weekdays. So make sure you listen in to Big 92.7FM at 9 pm

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