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    Handlebards presents their humourous take on ShakespeareA�

    Sir Ian McKellen chose the phrase a�?uproariously funnya�� to aptly describe the theatre group HandleBards, famously known as the a�?cycling Shakespeare fansa�� in the United Kingdom.

    The four-member all-male troupe has clocked over 2,000 miles in and around the UK performing fast-paced productions of Shakespearea��s classics. It all started back in 2013 when Paul Moss, 24, set the HandleBardsa�� wheels in motion with a zest to present Shakespeare to the world in a simplistic manner. He says, a�?Shakespeare is so confusing. He died 400 years ago and yet his works, and his grand ways, continue to intrigue people around the world. As an Englishman, I really wanted to explore Shakespeare, understand him and make him/ his work understandable to people in a less confusing manner and make his work more accessible by taking it to different places.a�?
    This ideology brought friends a�� Callum Brodie, Paul Moss, Tom Dixon, Callum Cheatle a�� together. a�?We were friends because Shakespeare was the unifying factor. We are like a family now, spending 24 hours a day together, travelling and performing,a�? Moss says.
    Much of their work is influenced by British comedy, which Moss terms as a�?stupid and fun humoura�?. They also keenly follow American sitcoms and a few Youtube videos.

    According to the troupe, Shakespeare needs to be experienced rather than read. a�?So many people are disillusioned, and never liked Shakespeare because they had to study. We perform to audiences as young as four years old, and ensure they have a funny experience, even if they dona��t understand the language. At least that way, when they study Shakespeare at a later part of their lives, they will remember having a positive experience about Macbeth or A Midsummer Nights Dream,a�? Moss explains.
    A Midsummer Nighta��s Dream and Hamlet. On January 15 – 17 and 29-31. At Jagriti. Tickets (`300) at the venue. Details: 41248298


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