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A David Mammet adaptation sure to keep you on the edge

Nakul Bhalla brings together a city-based acting trio for a play that takes on one of David Mammeta��s most celebrated works, The Shawl, for an evening of drama and suspense. A tight plot, engaging dialogue and a twist in the tale is promised in this rendition of Mammeta��s classic style of writing.

a�?His work is incredibly smart and has a distinct logical flow that keeps the many twists from getting distracting and over-complicated,a�? begins Bhalla, who marks his second foray into an independent production with this one. The young director however, comes with plenty of experience, having acted and directed for theatre company Dramanon for over eight years. a�?So technically, this is my tenth directorial venture because I directed eight plays under Dramanon,a�? he shares.
Questioning fate

a�?It starts when a wealthy woman (Susan George) visits a psychic (Roy Sinai) to know whether or not she should contest her mothera��s will,a�? Bhalla explains of the four-act play that sees the woman converted from a sceptic of the craft to a believer only to find out that the psychica��s proclamations were simply a result of deductive reasoning. a�?His protA�gA� (Noel Manasseh), who is also his lover, coerces him into conning the woman of her inheritance and the second session is the enactment of their elaborate plan to deceive her through a seance (calling of spirits),a�? continues Bhalla. The biggest suspense of the play appears at this juncture in true Mammet style a�� the woman realises they are cheating her just as the psychic has a true occult vision. Bhalla promises a production that touches theatre at its roots through an effective plot, script and of course, delivery.

Till December 22. At Jagriti, Whitefield. Tickets (`250) at bookmyshow.com




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