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Most radio stations upped their game and selflessly contributed. Ramesh, vice president and head of content at Hello FM (also one of many who were rescued by boat), says, a�?The station did not want to be in any statistical rat race. We wanted to be a line of communication for the city. Anyone could reach out to us and we would go all the way to help them.a�?
A big salute goes out to RJ Balaji of Big FM. He was very vocal about the relief effort and, in the end, was a key inspiration not only for other stations but also for Chennai. In one incident, when a listener from the US wasna��t able to connect with his folks at Pallavaram, he tweeted Balaji who in turn tweeted RJ Ajai of Mirchi and ensured the listener got to speak with his parents.
There’s the beauty of connectivity and the power of social media right there for you. Ajay Titus walked into Mirchi a night before the storm hit, only to find himself Mother Naturea��s hostage for the next four days.
He says, a�?The city was in dire straits and we made it a point to get people to connect with each other via our radio station. Electricity was on the blink so then we decided to go into the street and help with food and water. We also kept our focus on the outskirts of the city and got loads of tarpaulin, mats and blankets for the worst affected.
The last seven days has taught us the real meaning of love and care.a�?
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