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    Harith Iskandar promises lots of laughter today, with Papa CJ for company

    AllA� of a sudden, Chennaia��s appetite for comedy seems insatiable. While last week was all about getting a�?angrier and hairiera�� at the age of 40, courtesy a show by New Yorka��s stand-up comedian Radhika Vaz, this week we have Malaysian-raised Harith Iskandar and Delhi-based Papa CJ in town. As part of the first anniversary celebration at Elevate Lounge Bar, the comedians (Iskandar is better known as the Godfather of Malaysian stand-up comedy) promise to entertain us for more than 60 minutes. Coming to a�?Madrasa�? as he calls it, for the first time, Iskandar is armed with jokes on current affairs and more. Read on:

    Since when have you been making people laugh?
    My high-school friends tell me that I was already a comedian in school. But professionally I have been a stand-up comedian since 1991.

    What can we expect at the Chennai performance?
    You can expect me to show up… but maybe not on time. Malaysians constantly show up half an hour late and blame the traffic. And I have a feeling Indians might do the same thing.

    Everybody just wants to laugh. Are we that stressed?
    Comedy is the most under-rated medicine of all time. A wise man once said: a�?If you dona��t laugh, youa��re probably dead.a�? (Dona��t ask me who that was as I made it up.)

    What subjects are always a hit?
    Nothing is a�?guaranteeda�� to get a laugh. Each show is different and every audience is different. My wife tells me that if an audience doesna��t laugh, to drop my pants. She says that sight makes her laugh all the time.

    At Elevate Lounge Bar, today, from 8 pm onwards. Tickets from Rs. 1,000 onwards. Details: 9840677477

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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