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    The Festival of Parallels by musician Anil Srinivasan is all about collaboration

    THE Margazhi season is not only about solo performances, but also about beautiful collaborations. In the past, we have seen Vikku Vinayakaram and Vidya Shah team up, andA� more recently, Aruna Sairam and O S Arun work together. Now Anil Srinivasan is back with the Festival of Parallels (in its third year), a bunch of concerts where he collaborates with various artists.

    According to Srinivasan, the director of the festival, a�?Every year we try to present something new. We want to focus on classical, western and Hindustani.a�? When asked about how he chooses the artists, he says, a�?They all have different backgrounds and are ready to present something new. I have worked with artists like Sikkil Gurucharan for the past seven years.a�?

    Srinivasan and Lalgudi Krishnan will perform on December 19, at the Krishna Gana Sabha. Then there will be a collaboration with Pandit Gaurav Mazumdar, who will present musician Ravi Shankara��s compositions. Expect Muthuswami Dikshitara��s songs in Jayanthi Kumaresha��s performance. a�?The artists will also give a small introduction about their music. They are good story-tellers,a�? says Srinivasan. As for how well this mix-and-match will be accepted, Srinivasan says, a�?It is great that the sabhas are giving space for these performances. It is a positive change and a great step.a�?

    At various locations, the festival is from December 15-29. Details: 24990050

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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