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    Korean vessels make port next week as part of an exchange involving a beach clean up, cultural programmes and shopping too

    A little less than a year ago, two Korean Naval ships docked at Chennai for a cultural exchange that involved food, music, arts and a chance for a select few to step on board the vessels. History is about to repeat itself, with two more ships, the Kang Gam Chan (destroyer) and Dae Cheong (replenishment), entering our port five days from now. a�?This is an exercise to promote friendship between the navies and the people too,a�? says consul general Kyungsoo Kim, admitting that this second visit is not going to be very different from the first. The highlight this year too, will be the beach cleanup that saw the Indian and Korean navies teaming up with other organisations like the Chennai Trekking Club and the general public as well.
    a�?The public are also welcome to witness the cultural programmes staged by the Navy brass, at the Madras University auditorium later in the day,a�? he shares, adding that we can expect percussion music (Samulnori), Korean martial arts (Tae Kwon Do) and more. But if that does not sound like your cup of tea, perhaps round two of the Korean bazaar will interest you? The first edition last year saw around 2,000 people turn up, with the Korean food selling out in no time. This year, taking place on September 19 at Madras Christian College, Harrington Road, the three hour event is bound to attract a lot more participation. The consul general promises more cultural events in the first week of November (Korea Week). That too will be a meeting point of two cultures, with the Indian sari and the Korean hanbok being showcased in a fashion show. See you there. Details: 40615500

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