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    The soundscape of Chennaia��s only English station,104.8 FM, is changing for the better, with two new voices breaking the on-air monotony. RJ Vikram Savio Moses (26), a sociology graduate who got interested in radio after winning a college competition, welcomes commuters with Metro Mornings, while 26-year-old RJ Angiraa��a self-confessed a�?peoplea��s persona�? who gave up her job in the hotel industry to play popular hits and have a�?personala�? conversations with her listenersa��has fun on The Drive. I caught up with the hosts to find out more.

    How is it doing a breakfast show?
    Vikram: To start with, I am not a morning person. So you know how the rest of that line goes. But to be honest, for the first time in my life, I am happy waking up early. These are tricky shoes to fill, considering the two RJs on this show before me were women and much-loved by their listeners.

    What areas would you like to develop for your show?
    Vikram: Ia��ve always been keen on ensuring that my listeners have something to take back from the programme. There are those who disagree with me, but thata��s their perspective. Be it current affairs, sports, business, technology or even knowledge of songs, there is always something to take back. On the morning show, it feels like Ia��m finally talking to the people who want to know more.

    How was your first experience on radio?
    Angira: It was unnerving, but exciting. I guess having a major in psychology helps you deal with real-life situations and you learn to control your emotions a tad bit. So it worked out in my favour. It (RJing) is something new and Ia��ve got lots to learn and a long way to go.

    What can the listeners expect from your show?
    Angira: Ia��m here to build an individual connecta��from the kind of music I play to the topics I choose to speak about. I hope people enjoy it. And feedback is always welcome.
    Catch Metro Mornings (7-11 am) and The Drive (6-9 pm) on ChennaiLive. See you next week with more radio talk.


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