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    Good dance music. Those are the three words Delhi-based Ashvin Mani Sharma and Ash Roy use to describe the sounds of their electronic music project, Bit Of Both. The duo are both founding members of the (now-defunct) legendary Indian electronica act, Jalebee Cartela��once frequent visitors to the citya��and have been at the forefront of dance music in India for close to two decades, producing music and DJing all over the world. This weekend, Bit of Both, makes its Chennai debut at The Park.

    Stirring the soup
    The artistesa��who also occasionally collaborate under their psychedelic trance moniker, Crash & Booma��believe that the future of the Indian electronic music sphere is bright. a�?Ita��s going well so far. But I would like to see more venues dedicated to music, so that the rising number of talented musicians have places to play,a�? shares Sharma, better known as Calmchor, an industry veteran who has been an integral part of the scene since the a��90s. This drive to promote talented and forward-thinking artistes is the primary reason why the duo started an experimental label (in 2013) called Soupherb Records, for dance music connoisseurs. With tunes whose soundscape primarily falls within the realm of techno-minimal-house, and over 50 homegrown and international acts (including Kohra, Acid Pauli and Nu) signed to it, the labela��s repertoire grows stronger with each release. a�?Up next on Soupherb, we have a new record from Reverse Osmosis, who is Rohit Naik from Jaipur , a talented producer/DJ. We have a number of releases lined up from all over the world, which we are very excited about,a�? claims Sharma.

    The globetrotters
    Though as a duo, Bit of Both, is a live act, their Chennai gig is touted to be a DJ set. Sharma promises that besides playing tunes (including hits like Samsara and Round & Round) from their debut album Prequels & Sequels, a�?we will also play a whole bunch of tunes. But we dona��t know exactly what, as we dona��t preplan our sets and feed off the energy of the crowda��but definitely some tunes from artistes like Mind Against and Recondite,a�? explains Sharma. And where are they headed from here? a�?Next month we will be in Berlin and then wea��ll be playing all over Germany and some parts of Europe like Austria. But we will be back in September for Go Madras,a�? concludes Calmchor.
    Tomorrow at The Parka��s Leather Bar. From 8 pm onwards. Entry Rs 1,500.
    Details: 9884493601

    a��Anoop Menon


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