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    JetSteals is making private air rides affordable, accessible and funUber

    If youa��ve fancied cruising in a private jet, without burning a hole in your pocket, Kanika Tekriwal can help. She recently launched JetSteals, an iOS app that allows you to book seats in a private jet for as low as Rs 4,500, or hire the craft for Rs 50,000. The costliest ride listed is a 12-seater for Rs 12 lakh. Currently, her venture operates a fleet of 80 turbo and jet crafts from 200 airports across the country, with seating capacity varying from four to 17.
    Tekriwala��who launched the app as a part of JetSetGo, an online marketplace for booking private jets and helicoptersa��says, a�?At the moment, private jets and choppers serve 0.1 per cent of our population. We are trying to open up this market for the masses, and raise the bar to at least 10 per cent.”
    Air cabs : What she is doing is offering unoccupied seats in choppers that would have otherwise returned empty on their return trips (after transporting the passengers whoa��d booked them initially). a�?You can call JetSteals the Uber of the skies,a�? she smiles. While you cana��t summon your air cab within a minute, you can book it two hours in advance.
    Make it count:A� You can get a lot more out of these a�?steal dealsa�?. From celebrating birthdays to a�?popping the questiona�� mid-air, JetSteals wants your experience to be memorable. It provides entertainment and even gourmet chefs. If you are a cricket fan, you can look up its T20 Magic package for the upcoming India-Pakistan match. It offers a private jet seat, accommodation for two nights and VVIP match tickets (from Rs 80,000). Plus there is merchandise signed by cricketer Yuvraj Singh (who has invested in JetSetGo). Meanwhile, its Amazing India deal will ferry international tourists to cities such as Varanasi, Jaisalmer and Udaipur. And this one is Tekriwala��s favourite: a�?Since you are sharing a jet with new people, you end up making new friends!a�?
    Details: jetsetgo.in

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