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    An exclusive look at Prost, Hyderabad’s latest microbrewery with rustic decor and a variety of brewed beers

    In Prost, which opens to public this Sunday, the city has its first exclusive microbrewery. This brand new place at Road No.45 Jubilee Hills is a popular franchise in Bengaluru and is founded by five Hyderabadis – Teja Chekuri, Harsha Vadlamudi, Vidhatha, Subbaraju and Rajkumar.
    Prost reminds you of a grand old mansion with its rustic feel. For instance, in place of a staid reception desk, Prost places an old scooter giving the place an instant quirk. There are two sitting areas outside (which double up as smoking zones). There’s also a foosball table for those who want to have a little fun with a beer.
    a�?People can book this section for private parties. Another advantage is that you can play your own music. There are two speakers and we will leave an AUX cable to groove to your own tunes,a�? shares Subbaraju, one of the founding partners at Prost Hyderabad.
    Of the two floors in the indoor section, on the top most floor is a small balcony for those who want to step out for a conversation and a smoke.
    Therea��s a separate enclosure for a DJ, who will be there every night. There are six types, each laced with different flavour.

    Burnt Stone
    This is essentially stout beer which is dark, rich and heavy. At Prost, the Burnt Stone is the dark and sweet variation of ale, and is slightly different from your usual Pint of Guinness. `299 for 500 ml pint; `809 for 1.5L pitcher.

    Hyderabad Hurricane
    A fixture in every microbrewery, this is wheat beer. It’s light and brewed using German wheat, barley malts and a specially selected Bavarian yeast. Smooth and cool, with a burst of flavours, this could well be the most popular drink with Hyderabadis. `289 for 500 ml pint; `799 for 1.5L pitcher.

    Rocky Road
    This is a fruity twist on the classic lager. Also a wheat beer, this is somewhat similar to Hyderabad Hurricane, except the Rocky Road is even lighter and has a strong (but not overbearing) lemon flavour to it. Still not 100 per cent ready at the time of tasting, this drink is only going to get better when Prost officially launches. Made with premium malts, corn and select American hops. `269 for 500ml pint; `749 for 1.5L pitcher.

    Cider Rider
    If you like drinking Appy Fizz, then you’ll love this. Made with Himalayan apples, seasonal fruits and spices. A huge hit with the ladies, the Cider Rider is basically like drinking apple juice, except that it gives you a kick as soon as you finish the glass.
    `259 for 500 ml pint; `749 for 1.5L pitcher.

    Brewera��s choice
    This is a special drink made by the restaurant that keeps changing every week. For the opening week, the beer will be made with honey-ginger and will appear red. It’s a wonderful experience as you search for different flavours with each sip. Strongly recommended.

    Red Alert
    This is the classic English ale. It is copper coloured and is brewed with four different malts and zesty hops from Kent and Suffolk. Ita�?s different, pleasant and easy to drink. Those who enjoy Ale would love this drink. `289 for 500ml pint; `809 for 1.5L pitcher. Details: 23556236

    a��Suhas Yellapantula


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