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    James Spader gives us an insight into his idiosyncratic character, Red

    After two seasons playing Raymond Reddington on the addictive crime show, The Blacklist, James Spader says he has enjoyed the fact that he and the audience have become more familiar with the character. a�?There has been a change in him and, in a way, wea��ve seen how his priorities have shifted. And also, Ia��ve been able to see what some of his vulnerabilities are. When the audience and myself first started getting to know Raymond Reddington, he seemed invulnerable,a�? begins Spader. After the great reveal in the season two finale, Spader tells us what drew him to this role, how it has evolved and why he fought to keep the signature fedora on the show.

    What did you find most appealing about playing Reddington?
    His sense of humour. It was such an interesting juxtaposition to what the realities of his life were. The realities of his life are very dangerous, dramatic and extreme. So the blend is very dichotomous. Yet, he has an acute sense of humour and an irreverent view of his life. I responded to that immediately, and have done everything to try and explore that as much as I can.

    How involved are you in the development of your character?
    Very. The writers a�� John Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath a�� and I have been collaboratingA� very closely about every aspect of this character and how he fits within the life of the show sinceA� the start.

    The importance of the fedora.
    He travels to all different parts of the world, and all different climates. He might be someplace cold in the morning and someplace hot in the afternoon. And a hat is a very, verypractical piece of clothing for a man to have if he finds himself in many different settings.

    Do your roles reflect your personality?
    When Ia��m working on a film or a television show and working on a character, my head is really in that. But there are certain things in the script that may reflect my idea because when we are working on a scene or story, I may suggest it to the writers. But I try to be true to what I think the character would do based on his tastes, interests and the prism through which he sees the world.

    What kind of Red can weA� expect to see in Season three?
    As often as the case is on our show, I dona��t think that one should take anything for granted. And I dona��t think that one should think they may know exactly what the status of things are because the status changes very, very quickly. At the end of Season two, all the pieces of the show were thrown up in the air. And I think at the beginning of Season three, it will be exciting to see where they land and how we find a way to put all the pieces together.

    What keeps the character from degenerating into super-villain territory?
    Thata��s a balance that is very important to the show. And wea��ve been very careful to never swing too far in either direction. I dona��t think that we can sustain this character for any length of time in the show if, all of a sudden, you realise behind all of the bad, it really is all good. Ia��m much more interested in the idea that youa��re never quite sure what he is more a�� whether hea��s more a good man whoa��s capable of very, very bad things or the other way around. I think it keeps us on our toes and the viewer slightly off balance.
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