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    Eight mums, five sea creatures and a whole lot of music—that’s what you’ll get at Ocean Tunes this weekend

    If you didn’t already know that mums always know best, we have more evidence. When a group of mothers felt the city lacked good theatre for the really young, they decided to take matters into their own hands. And thus was born the city-based Mommies Theatre Company. “We script simple storylines, with music our children know and that they can sing along to. We don’t add unnecessary humour or romance—only what we want to expose our kids to,” explains Anjali Satcheti, one of the founding members.
    With their third production, Ocean Tunes (they started small with a performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at Kids Central in 2011), the action is going under the sea. Four sea creatures—a fish named Matsya, a ballet-dancing octopus called Dolly Olly, a crab who answers to Sir Mr Claws and a shy seahorse by the name of Lady Gaga—challenge a shark to a singing competition in a bid to restore music to the sea world. “We have around 14 to 15 popular songs—from different genres and styles, like Pharrell Williams’ Happy, the Disney tune, Under the sea, and Katy Perry’s Roar. But we’ve tweaked the lyrics to make it more fun. The idea is to expose the children to different things,” she says.
    The 10-member cast has handmade everything, from the costumes to the sets, keeping things simple yet colourful. “We will also have a screen on to which we will project colours and cool effects,” says Satcheti, adding that this time around they are also working for a cause—raising funds to help the NGO Karna Prayag to build a playground.
    Tomorrow, at Spaces, from 5.30 pm. Details: oceantunes2015@gmail.com

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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