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    Eight mums, five sea creatures and a whole lot of musica��that’s what you’ll get at Ocean Tunes this weekend

    If you didna��t already know that mums always know best, we have more evidence. When a group of mothers felt the city lacked good theatre for the really young, they decided to take matters into their own hands. And thus was born the city-based Mommies Theatre Company. a�?We script simple storylines, with music our children know and that they can sing along to. We dona��t add unnecessary humour or romancea��only what we want to expose our kids to,a�? explains Anjali Satcheti, one of the founding members.
    With their third production, Ocean Tunes (they started small with a performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at Kids Central in 2011), the action is going under the sea. Four sea creaturesa��a fish named Matsya, a ballet-dancing octopus called Dolly Olly, a crab who answers to Sir Mr Claws and a shy seahorse by the name of Lady Gagaa��challenge a shark to a singing competition in a bid to restore music to the sea world. a�?We have around 14 to 15 popular songsa��from different genres and styles, like Pharrell Williamsa�� Happy, the Disney tune, Under the sea, and Katy Perrya��s Roar. But wea��ve tweaked the lyrics to make it more fun. The idea is to expose the children to different things,a�? she says.
    The 10-member cast has handmade everything, from the costumes to the sets, keeping things simple yet colourful. a�?We will also have a screen on to which we will project colours and cool effects,a�? says Satcheti, adding that this time around they are also working for a causea��raising funds to help the NGO Karna Prayag to build a playground.
    Tomorrow, at Spaces, from 5.30 pm. Details: oceantunes2015@gmail.com

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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