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Despite being the fastest street-legal super sports car, Bugatti retired its legendary Veyron last year. But what followed was an even better alternative, Chiron. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show last week, it is more powerful than any of the Veyrons ever made. If that isna��t convincing enough, here are some reasons why you should show some respect.

1,478 horsepower and 1,600Nm of torque may seem like specifications that belong solely to a high-performance, purpose-tuned racing car, but they are actually what the new Bugatti Chiron puts out from its massive eight-litre quad-turbo W16 petrol engine. The four-wheel drive and seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox, while holding a constant top speed of 400 plus kmph, can guzzle up the entire 100-litre fuel tank in just nine minutes.

With an ability to reach 0-100 kmph in under 2.5 seconds, the Chiron is not only quick, but pulls like a train and does 200 kmph in 6.5 seconds and 300 kmph in under 13.6 seconds. Most passenger cars in India barely manage 100 kmph in the time it takes Chiron to reach 300 kmph. And they accelerate till they reach the electronically-limited top speed of 420 kmph.

The look
The Chiron is an evolution of the Veyrona��s design, but it also tips its hat to the gorgeous 1930s Bugatti Atlantic Type 57SC. This marriage of vintage Bugatti tradition with modern technology also features aerodynamicsa��not just for the down force but for cooling the brakes and engine as well.

The Bugatti Chiron doesna��t lower its stakes on opulence, despite being designed for high performance. Therea��s no dearth of leather and aluminium, but what really catches our fancy is the one-carat diamond membranes on each of its four tweeter sound systems. The Bugatti monograms are made of enamel and solid silver, and the all-LED instrumentation flank an analogue speedometer marked all the way to 500 kmph.

The Chiron is a resounding battle cry in the name of unadulterated automotive fun, powered solely by internal combustion in todaya��s world of electric and hybrid performance cars. Before the world completely turns over to electric motors and Li-ion batteries, the Chiron is every petrol heada��s proud salute to the spirit of motoring.(A new pitstop for modern-day car and bike enthusiasts, this column features the latest machines, reviews, roadtrips and more.)

$2.5 million (approx). For more on the Bugatti Chiron, visit motorscribes.com

a�� Muntaser Mirkar @BullSpeech


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