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At the new wellness center in Mahabalipuram, rejuvenate with relaxing Ayurvedic treatments

A Lonely Planet pick, Butterball Bed ‘n’ Breakfast is known for its affordable accommodation, and delicious burgers and pastas at the adjoining Burger Shack. Now there is yet another reason to drop by this establishment in Mahabalipuram—three-month-old Prana Ayurvedic Wellness Center. Samia Sait, the 24-year-old owner-entrepreneur, says, “Every time we wanted a relaxing treatment, we had to step out. Then it struck us, why not start one here.” With trained masseuses and therapists from Kerala, the centre promises a versatile range of rejuvenating services in a hygienic environment. “We have stress-busting massages, like Shirodhara, where medicinal oils like ksheerabala are poured on the forehead in a continuous stream,” says Sijo Varghese, one of the therapists. He recommends the kizhi treatment, a gentle massage with a pouch filled with herbs like neem, garlic and adalodakam (medicinal Malabar Nut leaves). Among the facials, the tan-removing Navara face pack—where the Navara rice is boiled in milk and herbs-infused water and then ground—is popular. Assuring us that it is a wellness center and not a spa, Sait says, “We have an on-call doctor whom you can consult with before choosing a treatment.” Prana also offers several detox packages that include massages and healthy vegetarian meals.
Between 7 am and 7 pm.Rs 500 onwards. Details: 9094792525
— Ranjitha G


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