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Increase your self esteem and awareness through art

Take a break, sit down and make art for free. Thata��s what youa��ll get to do on September 5, at Auroville Visitora��s Centre, as part of Art Break Day. Sponsored by Art is Moving, a US-based non-profit, it is a global community art event, taking place simultaneously in nearly 30 locations in the US, Mexico, Amsterdam and India this year. The event is open to all. a�?We will have a variety of art materials including tempera paints, oil pastels, markers, pencils and recycled paper. It is a chance to break through self-doubt and insecurity by openly expressing oneself, and to cross all cultural, age, gender and socio-economic barriers by connecting to others creating in the same way,a�? shares Krupa Jhaveri, 31, who has completed her masters in art therapy from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, and will be conducting the event here.
This will be the eventa��s second annual edition and this yeara��s theme is a�?I wisha��. While last year saw close to 200 participants, Jhaveri expects a little more participation this time. a�?Adults and children can both benefit from this. Many adults have more fear than children, as they have not expressed themselves creatively in many years. Like children, once they break through, they can feel empowered for opening up through their art,a�? says the Gujarati, according to whom, original self-expression through art can increase self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate imagination, relaxation and play. She recollects her experiences during a survey in Nepal and India, a�?I found children in a remote village called Sirubadi in Nepal who had never used coloured paints. We used a small poster colour set and banana leaves as palettes and covered the walls of a mud hut. I learned the importance of providing basic materials for self-expression as the foundation to a deeper process of healing and change.a�?

No registration. On September 5, from 5 pm onwards. Details:sankalpajourneys.com.
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